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Amid the dazzling city lights of Sydney, you will find a network of great dining, food and wine trails, adventure activities, historic country towns, entertainment & shopping, arts and crafts and a fascinating heritage and aboriginal culture.

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Friday 20th January, 2012

  • Nine finds a positive in Singo's attack

    Daily Telegraph

    CHANNEL 9 is cashing in on John Singleton's extraordinary attack on Footy Show host Paul Vautin in a new television commercial to promote the ...

  • A Dusty home of rich history

    Daily Telegraph

    IT is the modest tin and wood house where country music legend Slim Dusty grew up and the place he wrote the first of his acclaimed odes to life in the ...

  • Little steps will ensure happy kids

    Daily Telegraph

    FORGING rates notices, moving into rentals and spending thousands on tutors - some parents do anything to get their kids into the best public ...

  • Sailor is the latest casualty of TV war

    Daily Telegraph

    FOX Sports has turned off the Dellevision. Wendell Sailor has become a casualty of rugby league's broadening TV war after being sacked by Fox ...

  • Police get results with new approach

    Daily Telegraph

    Detectives said they feared for Loukman Abdul-Rahman's safety after he went missing when his car was hit by a bullet more than a week ago.But they also hoped that by releasing his image they ...

  • No love for big Willie

    Daily Telegraph

    THE force of nature otherwise known as Willie Mason is expected to hit Sydney next week and he will immediately be on the hunt for a new NRL ...

  • Average Sydney rental hits $500

    Daily Telegraph

    While the national asking price rose by a modest 1.1 per cent for houses and 1.4 per cent for units in the December quarter, houses in Sydney jumped 4.2 per cent and apartment rents skyrocketed by ...

  • At 103, Ina might never get surgery

    Daily Telegraph

    Ina Cameron, 103, has been waiting five days for hip surgery and her family says she has been repeatedly bumped down the waiting list for younger ...

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Sydney's scandalous toxic waste plan by government

Sydney's scandalous toxic waste plan by government

A controversial waste relocation project in Sydney has created anger in a community with a lower income than the Sydney suburb from which the waste is being removed, with many suggesting a class-bias in the city government.

Hunter’s Hill is a predominantly wealthy suburb of Sydney with average house prices of around AUD $1.3 million and a harbour-side community made up predominantly of professionals, managers and other traditionally middle to high-income workers. Penrith, on the other hand, located just over 50 kilometres from Sydney ... more

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