The Sydney News  
Irwin's daughter may speak at service
The Sydney News.Net
Australia imposes sanctions on North Korean nuclear plans
Ali urges end to papal comments controversy (ABC)
Seven News
Aussie sensation Johnson reveals Ashes hopes
Australia 'should lead' disaster response
Courier Mail
Australia prepares for Irwin's public memorial
Australian Cardinal comments on violence
Hostel child abuse claims unfounded: DCD (ABC)
Seven News
Australia prepares for emotional goodbye to its 'Croc Hunter'
AFP via Yahoo
Australia holds state funeral for motor racing legend Peter Brock
People's Daily

Breaking Media News  
TV building set afire in Budapest riots
The Sydney News.Net
Coppola's 'Conversation' heading for TV
The Sydney News.Net
Pickler cried when radio played debut song
The Sydney News.Net
CBS hopes viewers attend 'Class'
The Sydney News.Net
Media advisory - CUPE breaks ground for new national headquarters
Canada NewsWire
Amitabh's mother-in-law perturbed over media reports

Newspapers News  
Newspaper says Kidman never slammed Jolie
The Sydney News.Net
Canadian Terror Suspect Tortured -- and Was Likely Innocent
Editor & Publisher
Journalist Groups Join in Call for Trial, or Release, of AP Photog
Editor & Publisher
Media meet to discuss latest trends in newspaper industry
The Peninsula
Stop Lording It Over Me With Peerage, Conrad Black Tells Prosecutors
Editor & Publisher
Ziggy Helps Publicize World Food Day
Editor & Publisher

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World Association of Newspapers

This industry organization came together in the year 1948 and is the biggest press association in the world. It is a head body for 72 country affiliated associations. Membership includes 13 newsagencies and nine regional bodies. Individual membership comprises executives from more than one hundred countries. It is a non-profit, non-political, non-government, organization, whose membership ows ands operates in excess of 18,000 newspapers (and other publications) around the globe.

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