Beware: The Dangers of Dining at a POS-less Restaurant Exposed!

When it comes time to pay the bill at a without a Point of Sale (Pos), how should one behave? Surprisingly, this situation may arise, even though it is uncommon. It can be quite disappointing to discover that the restaurant does not have a Pos, especially if you do not have any cash on hand and rely on credit or debit cards for payment.

A Restaurant without a Pos

Despite a law that has been in place since 2014 mandating the presence of a Pos in all commercial establishments, and further reinforced by another provision in 2022, there are still restaurants without this device. In such cases, there can be serious consequences if the lack of a Pos is only discovered at the moment of payment. A new fine of 30 euros, as well as an additional 4% of the denied transaction, has been imposed. Therefore, it is crucial for customers to know how to proceed when faced with a restaurant without a Pos.

Possible Scenarios

What can happen in a restaurant without a Pos? If the device is genuinely malfunctioning or broken, the operator is obligated to inform customers immediately. They can do this by displaying a clear sign at the entrance and instructing their staff to explain the situation to new customers. This demonstrates seriousness and respect for those dining at the establishment. It is also possible that a malfunction may occur at the moment of payment. In such cases, an agreement must be reached regarding an alternative payment method.

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The customer can propose an instant bank transfer or, if it is convenient, suggest withdrawing cash from a nearby ATM. Another option is to proceed with another form of electronic payment, such as Statispay, which is increasing in popularity. To protect themselves, the restaurateur can ask for the customer's information as a safeguard against individuals who may leave without paying.

If There Is a Sign

If there is a sign indicating the lack of a Pos, it is evident that the customer will still be required to pay for what they have consumed. However, they can also report the establishment and its operator to the authorities, which may result in a justified fine. This action is a matter of civic responsibility as it aims to prevent others from experiencing similar discomfort. It is important to note that there is no minimum amount below which a Pos is not accepted. Even for a payment as low as one euro, payment by card can still be requested. Any signs contradicting this requirement will be subject to penalties as they do not reflect the truth.

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