Is This the Most Expensive Restaurant Ever? Shocking 5000 Euro Reservation Fee

A Delightful Dinner at a : A Luxury Beyond Reach for Some

For some, a delightful dinner at a restaurant has become an unattainable luxury. There is a true and complete exclusion that affects many. Dining at a restaurant is always a splendid experience, especially when it occurs spontaneously, with a surprise orchestrated by our partner. Particularly during the summer, it is a highly popular endeavor, and it might even happen that we secure a reservation for a table for two or more people multiple times a week. However, it is advisable to ensure that we remain within a certain price range. Otherwise, our reservation may be rejected. This is the unfortunate reality faced by many who dream of indulging in a memorable dining experience.

A Five Thousand Euro Requirement: The Staggering Price Tag of Fine Dining

For those hoping to enjoy a restaurant dinner in certain establishments, a minimum expenditure of five thousand euros is demanded. While this requirement may be common for wedding banquets, it is now being enforced by select restaurant owners in a popular tourist destination. This longstanding practice has even been immortalized in films, both old and new. In Saint Tropez, on the Costa Azzurra, this exorbitant expectation has become a controversial topic.

In Saint Tropez, a destination frequented by affluent tourists, some of whom own yachts moored in the nearby port, local restaurateurs have implemented this high expenditure requirement to attract only the wealthiest clientele. However, this policy is tantamount to discriminating against individuals who cannot afford such a hefty sum. It excludes those who wish to partake in the dining experience but are restricted by their financial capacity.

The Harsh Reality: Lying to Turn Away Individual Customers

This practice of turning away individual customers by lying is not unique to Saint Tropez. In Barcelona, some local restaurants have also employed similar tactics to discourage bookings and visits. This deceptive approach not only tarnishes the reputation of these establishments but also further alienates potential customers who are simply seeking a memorable dining experience.

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Moreover, it has been reported that certain chic restaurants in Saint Tropez not only demand a minimum expenditure of five thousand euros but also require a 30% upfront payment, amounting to a staggering 1500 euros. This additional requirement adds to the exclusivity and further limits accessibility to those who cannot readily afford it.

Standing Against Extortion: The Opposition by Local Authorities

Thankfully, the local authorities in Saint Tropez are taking a stand against this form of extortion. The mayor, Silvia Siri, has strongly criticized the behavior of these restaurateurs. While she acknowledges their right to protect their interests, she emphasizes that it is entirely unacceptable to do so at the expense of disrespecting customers who are willing to spend their money at these establishments. Whether a customer is willing to spend one hundred, fifty, or even ten euros, it is their prerogative to choose a restaurant that suits their preferences and budget. The onus should not be on the establishment to dictate terms but rather on the customer to make informed choices.

The local authorities in Saint Tropez are committed to ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their financial capacity, are treated with respect and provided with the opportunity to enjoy a delightful dining experience. They are actively working to address this issue and promote inclusivity within the local restaurant scene.

In conclusion, the practice of demanding a minimum expenditure of five thousand euros for a restaurant dinner in Saint Tropez, and lying to turn away individual customers, raises concerns about inclusivity and fairness. It is essential that local authorities, along with the support of the community, continue to advocate for a dining experience that is accessible to all. By standing against extortion and embracing inclusivity, Saint Tropez can truly establish itself as a welcoming destination for food enthusiasts from all walks of life.

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