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Pakistan Chief Justice to be left in the cold

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Friday 5th September, 2008

In Pakistan, the ruling party has decided in principle not to restore the deposed chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and his fellow judges.

the Pakistan People's Party has informed Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani of the decision.

Gilani had declared in the Senate that the deposed judges would be restored and the 17th amendment to the constitution would be repealed.

The top leadership of the PPP has formally informed Gilani that Chaudhry and some other judges would not be restored and he should stop promising their restoration publicly.

Some 60 judges were sacked Nov 3rd last year when then-president Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergency.

The PPP and its former coalition partner Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz promised in March that the judges would be restored.

Attorney General Latif Khosa has told the media that besides Chaudhry, other senior Supreme Court judges, if they wanted to be restored, would have to work under Chief Justice Dogar who, he said, was the constitutional chief justice of the country.

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;) Midnight
09-05-08, 07:55 AM

Pakistan Chief Justice to be left in the cold

Well, darn, it’s true there were 60 of them. I don’t even know which ones that I agree or disagree with but darn, there were 60 of them.

Nawaz for President.

Hang on I’ll get smart over night!

09-05-08, 12:07 PM

Pakistan CJ

Real Zardari has coned everyone including the CJ. How he can belive in criminal, where his all the experience gone? Does’nt he know that criminal mind is one step ajhead of the Justice system, especially in Pakistan Justice system is the most corrupt in the world. Fun starts now when a man with the mental health problems becomes head of muslim state. What Nawaz ( another criminal) will do now with all his vandetta against President Mushraf. These people have no concern about Pakistan or its people. They have acculated all their wealth abroad and live abroad.Pakistani people will pay for thier fool hardy belif in PPP leadership, all of them have their personal agenda.

My heart bleeds but good luck Pakistan.

09-05-08, 12:35 PM

Pakistan may very well be the nightmare of the east a beast unleashed upon the world to destabilize the entire region.
Hopefully between India and China Pakistan can be effectively neutered and a balance of powers will exist far beyind nuclear diplomacy we see right now.

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