Israeli human rights groups want probe into Gaza War

The Sydney News.Net
Saturday 21st March, 2009

Israeli human rights organizations have demanded an independent investigation of military proceedings during the ecent offensive in Gaza.

The group, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Bimkom, B'tselem, Gisha, Hamoked, The Public Committee Against Torture, Yesh Din, Physicians for Human Rights, Rabbis for Human Rights, Adalah, and Itach – Women Lawyers for Social Justice, have written to Israel's Attorney General Menachem Mazuz demanding he reconsider his refusal to establish an independent investigative body to examine Operation Cast Lead.

"Such an investigation is critical following the revelation of soldier testimonies concerning the killing of innocent Palestinians revealed this week in Haaretz," the organizations said. "Many Palestinian accounts have reflected a similar picture to that revealed today, triggering suspicions that today's revelations represent only the tip of the iceberg, and that they are the result of norms of conduct that have taken hold throughout the army."

Haaretz on Thursday and Friday published statements by dozens of Israeli officers and soldiers at a debate on the war at a military college last month.

The letter makes clear that the government's failure to establish an independent investigation constitutes a violation of Israel's responsibilities under international law. "At the same time, it is a dangerous act which illustrates cowardice in the midst of possible Israel Defense Forces criminal activity, behavior that increases the possibility that Israeli officers and soldiers will face trials abroad," it said.

Attorney General Mazus has said he is content with an internal military investigation. "Circumstances point to the inadequacy of internal military investigations," he human rights orgaizations argued in their letter. "This tardiness follows a pattern of failures to investigate suspicions of serious crimes and illegitimate officer orders. Such partial investigation represents only a fraction of the necessary attention into this matter and raises suspicions that the norms of whitewashing serious crimes have spread across all ranks of the army," said the letter.

Separately, on Thursday Richard Falk, the UN special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, said the Geneva Conventions required warring forces to distinguish between military targets and surrounding civilians.

"If it is not possible to do so, then launching the attacks is inherently unlawful and would seem to constitute a war crime of the greatest magnitude under international law," he said.

"On the basis of the preliminary evidence available, there is reason to reach this conclusion," he wrote in an annual 26-page report submitted to the UN Human Rights Council.

He described the Israeli attacks as a "massive assault on a densely populated urbanised setting" in which the entire civilian population had been subjected to "an inhumane form of warfare that kills, maims and inflicts mental harm".

"As all borders were sealed, civilians could not escape from the orbit of harm," he said.

Falk said 1,434 Palestinians, including 960 civilians were killed during the offensive.

Thirteen Israelis also died during the hostilities.

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Comments on this story

03-21-09, 01:27 AM

Israeli human rights groups want probe into Gaza War

This clearly indicates that there are some good people that still have human dignity, and respect for human life.

These good people should unite and clean up their government of the present rotten apples that are promoting racism in their country.


03-21-09, 09:03 AM

The answer is simple. Behave yourself. Recognize Israel. Stop cross border aggression.

03-21-09, 10:09 AM

Israeli human rights groups want probe into Gaza War

There can be no excuse for killing the innocent on either side of the fence, no matter who does the killing and no matter the reason. I sincerely hope that both sides will eventualy arrive to this realisation sooner rather than later.

03-21-09, 10:12 AM

Guess the stinkies learn the hard way.

03-21-09, 10:16 AM

Wheather it be Africa or any place else its gonna happen. History shows.

03-21-09, 10:30 PM

A question of what path do you want for your future?

Life is this strange this that exists in this tiny point within the universe. Something much more precious that any stone or element we may find and hold up as unique.. Here we stand at the edge of the universe and yet we fight over some sand? what timy minds.. Open up your minds to promises of Jesus and then Jeruselem will rise to greatiness.. Only living the love taught by youre son will you survive..

` ~galljdaj+
03-21-09, 08:12 AM

Human Shields for Victims???

I think not! These good israekis may have some pains somewhere about the 'victims', but there is a side that likes what they have committed also! I question the value of the admissions, it looks more like looking for a goat to slaughter, and then back to business as usual.

03-23-09, 02:30 PM

your soul

your soul

nazis did not know what they are doing

You need to have your medications adjusted, lunatic!

03-23-09, 09:52 PM

Can someone show one instance Palestinians risked their lives to aid an injured Israeli?
Provided power, water, food and medical care for Israel?
Seems to be a very parasitic relationship Palestinians sucking Israel dry even as they try to destroy the very state that provides much of their basic needs!

What do Palestinians do to see to their own needs besides criminial ventures?
What do they give to the world that makes it a better place to live for all humanity?

03-21-09, 10:28 AM

Israel strike on Gaza.

There are good and bad Israel. Soldiers will never report what they have done. Only God tell them to open theirs mouth. According to the bible. If this kind of behavior happen to Israel’s Gov. This means God is not with the Israel. They do for themselves. Now on God will not help the Israel and they will dO for themselves. That means God will let other nation, or organization to punish the Israel they punish Israel hard until the Israel turn themselves back to God and theirs sin will be over.

03-21-09, 11:18 PM

Open up your minds to promises of Jesus

Life is this strange this that exists in this tiny point within the universe. Something much more precious that any stone or element we may find and hold up as unique.. Here we stand at the edge of the universe and yet we fight over some sand? what timy minds.. Open up your minds to promises of Jesus and then Jeruselem will rise to greatiness.. Only living the love taught by youre son will you survive..

Do you think anyone will ever covince the muslimaniacs of that?

your soul
03-22-09, 11:38 PM

usa the prostitute of neo-hitlers

usa is in a economic crisis and crashing at the buttom of hell
still supporting israel with cash and weapons

israelis elected a guy as lieberman which said that he wanna do to gaza as usa did to nagasaki

israel told us they did not use white phospours
later they did tell us that they have to investigate about if they used white phosphours or not (criminal idiots which dont know which kind of weapons they use... sounds dangerous)
later they told that they did use white phospours but not in an illegal way (this whyle its clearly illegal to use WP on a civil popupatet area)
later they told that they dont give any name to the international court of justice of israelis which did war-crimes

lies or dangerous idiots?
hiding from justice or not?
israel did lie much but also they discover all theyr lies in the same sentence as they lie
they did learn this idiotism in the mossad

they told us that they dont kill civilians!
now they tell that they slaughtered them

nazis did kill many jews it was the woerst crime, but a lot of the nazis did not know what they are doing
but the isralis are now much more woerse then the nazis, they did the same but they were knowing what they do because its theyr own history!

israelis were killing women, children babies and unarmed men and only a fiew of them ere hama fighters, they killed them because hamas were a militant movement, they did a wall around gaza and blocked every thing needed to life to gaza because this militant muvement

now in isrel they elected lieberman which told that he wanna do the same to gaza as the usa to nagasaki and that he prefer a state under jewish rules and not under democratic rules

so now we should use the same reason as israel
a anti democratic militant religious fanatic movement is ruling israel, we should build a wall around them and cut them of from food and water

but usa is still supporting theyr fscist friends blindly with cash and money whyle they still do illegal settlements and whyle the usa it sellf have to beg on the chinese communists for money to pay the baillout

now the usa looks as a joke supporting fascists while begging on communists for cash

and if israel is the best usa friend and ally ... why they dont hlp the usa in this economic crash? why they still such on usa tax payers and suck theyr souls anf life like vampires?

even the devil dont deserves such betrayers as friends... but the usa fools still kiss the israelis nazi boots

they open sites as jihad watch to shout about all muslims ... and in the same time they support fanatic religious jews in a holy war of crime

good bless you all
special on the judgement day ... you need it

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