Senior Arab official sides with people of Gaza

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Monday 14th June, 2010

The Arab League has called for Israel to lift its three-year blockade of the Gaza Strip.
The Arab League has called for Israel to lift its three-year blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Arab League head Amr Moussa has joined other international diplomats in declaring support for the people of Gaza and calling for the siege to be lifted.

Amr Moussa is the first senior Arab official to visit Gaza since Hamas took power in 2007 and Israel imposed its blockade.

The Israeli blockade, combined with one imposed by Egypt, has prevented the entry of essential goods and restricted people from moving out of the enclave.

Egypt recently announced it would open its border crossing at Rafah permanently but Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would prefer to find other ways to meet Gaza's humanitarian needs, to prevent the entry of weapons into the Palestinian territory.

Meanwhile, Israel has announced an internal inquiry into its deadly raid last month on a convoy of Gaza-bound aid ships.

The three-man panel will be led by former Israeli Supreme Court judge Yaakov Tirkel, with Amos Regev, a retired major-general and former president of Israel Institute of Technology, and Shabbtai Rosen, a professor of international law.

Israel earlier rejected a UN proposal for an international probe, but has now agreed to include two foreign observers in its own inquiry.

The two foreign observers, David Trimble, former Northern Ireland first minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner, and Ken Watkin, a retired Canadian military prosecutor, will be involved in deliberating on how nine Turkish activists died after their ship was boarded by Israeli commandos.

They will also adjudge whether Israel's naval blockade of Gaza is allowed under international law.

The International Committee of the Red Cross has said Israel's blockade of Gaza is a clear violation of international humanitarian law.

In a statement, the ICRC described the situation in Gaza as dire, saying the only solution was a lifting of the blockade.

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Ms Condams
06-14-10, 11:23 AM

Arab League head says Israel must allow access to Gaza

If I have nuclear bombs, I will give some to Palistinian to though them to Israel.

Jesus Follower
06-14-10, 04:23 PM

Arab League sides with Gazans...

Christians, please pray for our and Israel’s enemies.

They, come the final battle cry, will not win. When Jesus takes over this planet only HE will be the Supreme Leader and oh how things are going to change for the better.

Praise Adonai! Praise Jehovah and God Bless Israel and the USA!

First Strike
06-14-10, 06:28 PM

Senior Arab official sides with people of Gaza

WOW, what a surprise this is.

v ladimir
06-15-10, 02:11 AM

False freedom

Dear Friends: your reader express her and most of arabs vision “to destroy Israel”. Israel supplys Gaza with food, water, and electricity and his blocade belong to “weapon and prohibited potential military goods”. But all antisemits would like to immediately actions against Israel. From 1948 arabs try to destroy Israel and it is not a democracy and freedom of speach. Sinceely, Vladimir

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