Unveil the Delight of the Irresistible 3-Ingredient Lemon Cream Dessert!

Are you in the mood for a fresh and thirst-quenching ? Look no further than this delightful lemon creamy dessert, a that has been passed down through generations. With just three simple ingredients – lemon, cream, and mascarpone – you can create a dessert that is both indulgent and refreshing. Unlike traditional recipes, this version does not include eggs, making it a lighter and more easily digestible option. Plus, it only takes 10 minutes to prepare two servings of this creamy dessert.

The Economical Lemon Creamy Dessert

Not only is this lemon creamy dessert , but it is also budget-friendly. Our grandmothers knew how to create tasty treats without breaking the bank. By using just three main ingredients – lemon, cream, and mascarpone – along with some powdered sugar, you can whip up this dessert in no time. Let's take a closer look at the quantities and steps needed to create this well-structured and scrumptious lemon creamy dessert.


  • One lemon
  • 250g of mascarpone
  • 120ml of fresh cream
  • 60g of powdered sugar

To begin, start by washing the lemon thoroughly. Once clean, extract the juice and grate the zest, being careful to avoid the bitter white part. In a separate bowl, combine the fresh cream and powdered sugar. Using an electric whisk, beat the cream until it becomes very firm. In another bowl, mix the mascarpone with the filtered lemon juice and zest until the juice is fully absorbed and the mascarpone becomes creamy and dense.

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Preparing the Lemon Creamy Dessert

Now it's time to bring everything together. Gently fold the mascarpone mixture into the whipped cream using a wooden spatula. Make sure to mix from bottom to top to preserve the airiness of the cream. Once fully combined, divide the creamy mixture into serving glasses and refrigerate for about an hour.

After the designated time, remove the lemon creamy dessert from the refrigerator. Feel free to decorate it however you like, perhaps with a slice of lemon or a sprinkle of grated zest on top. This dessert can be prepared in advance, making it a perfect option for dinner parties or gatherings.

With its fresh and delicate flavor, this lemon creamy dessert is the ideal way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Its simplicity and low cost make it a go-to recipe for any occasion. So why not give it a try and enjoy a taste of tradition?

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