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  • Afghan government investigates part of US in raid
    The Sydney News.Net
    An air raid which killed 15 civilians on Friday, is being investigated by the government in Afghanistan.

  • Iraq car bomb kills six civilians
    The Sydney News.Net
    At least six people were killed Sunday in a car bomb explosion in the northeastern part of the Iraqi capital, an official of the interior ministry said.

  • Israel to reopen Gaza border crossings
    Israel was reopening some border crossings with Gaza on Sunday, an official said, after it closed them on Thursday following the launch of a rocket into the Jewish state by...

  • Russian president to conclude peace treaty with Japanese
    The Sydney News.Net
    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will discuss with Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda the conclusion of a peace treaty between the two countries that has been held up since the end of the World War II.

  • Saddam nuclear material sent to Canada
    The Sydney News.Net
    US and Iraqi officials have sent a huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium to a Canadian port, in a top-secret operation.

  • Israel accused of burying nuclear wastes in Golan Heights
    The Sydney News.Net
    Syria has called on the United Nations to exert pressure on Israel to 'stop its continued practices and aggressions against Syrian citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan who suffer from the Israeli daily flagrant violations', the Syrian Arab News Agency reported this week.

  • Serial-killer joke not appreciated at Scotland Yard
    The Sydney News.Net
    A Scotland Yard sharpshooter has been compensated after he was jokingly called a serial killer by a colleague.

  • Ingrid Betancourt receives medical opinion
    The Sydney News.Net
    Ingrid Betancourt has been told by doctors in Paris she has suffered no side-effects from her kidnapping ordeal.

  • US government rushes to secure terror prisoners
    The Sydney News.Net
    The Bush government in the US is believed to be drawing up plans to push Guantanamo prison inmates into normal jails.

  • Mbeki speaks to Mugabe and breakaway MDC chief
    The Sydney News.Net
    Thabo Mbeki, the president of South Africa, has held talks in Zimbabwe with President Robert Mugabe and Arthur Mutambara, leader of a breakaway faction of the Movement for Democratic Change.

  • Obama puzzled over reaction to Iraq comments
    The Sydney News.Net
    US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has been puzzled as to why his comments on Iraq caused such a sharp response in the US.

  • Hungarian right-wingers invade Gay Pride parade
    The Sydney News.Net
    Hungarian riot police have waded into far-right extremists after they tried to break up the annual gay parade in the capital Budapest.

  • Massive riot in Syrian jail
    The Sydney News.Net
    A jail for political prisoners has erupted in extreme violence following a crackdown by guards.

  • Catholic priest flies into the ocean
    The Sydney News.Net
    A Brazilian Roman Catholic priest, Father Adelir de Carli, who flew over the Atlantic Ocean in a bizarre event, is believed to have drowned.

  • Obama insists he intends ending Iraq War
    The Sydney News.Net
    U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama told reporters Saturday he remains committed to ending the war in Iraq.

  • Rich nations poised to tackle soaring oil, food prices
    Leaders of the world's richest countries began arriving in northern Japan for a summit aimed at tackling red-hot oil and food prices that could derail global economic growth.

  • Hamilton surges to British GP win
    Lewis Hamilton answered his critics and got his title campaign back on track with a superb British Grand Prix win. The McLaren driver mastered tricky conditions, and his team made the right...

  • G8 leaders face series of crises
    Rising food and oil costs, an uncertain global economy, climate change and Zimbabwe's political crisis face the G8 leaders who are gathering in Japan. The summit is being held at a secluded resort...

  • Israel hands Hezbollah list of demands prior to swap
    The first phase of a prisoner swap between Israel and the Lebanon-based Hezbollah swap will begin as early as Thursday, the Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported on Sunday.Israel has informed...

  • Sewage glut _ another ugly result of Gaza
    Seattle Post-Intelligencer
    A year-long standoff between Israel and Hamas has left the territory's sewage...

  • Ten police dead in Pakistan blast
    At least 10 policemen have been killed in an apparent suicide bomb attack in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, officials have said. The blast occurred in front of a police station near the city's...

  • Tired firefighters battle 330 Calif. wildfires
    New York Post
    Firefighters got a gift of a mild, mostly windless night and a forecast for similar conditions Sunday as they attempted to protect thousands of Santa Barbara County homes from a...

  • Man seriously hurt after falling from escalator at Modi
    A 37-year-old man seriously injured himself on Saturday night after falling three stories while attempting to retrieve a young girl's bag which had become stuck in an escalator at a Modi'in...

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