Outrageous Pricing: Three Pizzas for 63 Euros

An Unexpected Controversy: The Hefty Price Tag of Three Pizzas

The Outrage:

A shocking bill of 63 euros for three pizzas has stirred up quite a commotion. The exorbitant price tag caught the attention of customers and sparked a heated debate. This incident, which unfolded in Genoa, has become the latest addition to a string of similar stories that have recently surfaced. Interestingly, this particular controversy has taken an unexpected turn, with both sides sharing their perspectives on social media.

The Customer’s Side:

The customers, disgruntled by the hefty bill, wasted no time in airing their grievances on social media platforms. Their shocked reaction soon caught the attention of others, drawing sympathy and support. However, their version of events was soon countered by the owner who chose to also share his side of the story on social media.

The Owner’s Defense:

The owner of the Genoese restaurant decided to fight back, determined to defend his reputation and explain what had truly occurred. To support his argument, he even posted the discarded order and the corresponding receipt. According to him, a group of eight people arrived at the restaurant to inquire about table availability for their evening gathering. Although there were enough seats for everyone, only three individuals decided to eat. What ensued, however, was an incredibly rude and disrespectful behavior that the owner claimed to have rarely witnessed before.

The customers allegedly devised a plan to split the three pizzas amongst themselves, leaving the owner astounded and offended. The owner goes into great detail to describe the incident, highlighting the lack of manners and etiquette displayed by the customers, which created an unfavorable environment for both parties.

Unveiling the Details:

The owner takes the opportunity to shed light on the specifics of the encounter. He clarifies that the bill included three pizzas divided into eight plates, along with two bottles of water and two soft drinks. Additionally, the customers had ordered three beers and four coffees. Notably, the service charge was not included in the total. Therefore, the owner emphasizes that the cost per person was a mere eight euros.

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In an attempt to defend himself against the accusations, the owner questions what a restaurant owner is expected to do in such situations. He argues that his side of the story, accompanied by a detailed breakdown of the bill, garners support and understanding from the majority of readers.

The Importance of Etiquette:

While the owner acknowledges that all customers are entitled to a pleasant dining experience, he expresses his disappointment in the lack of respect and consideration shown by the customers involved. He highlights the fact that occupying eight seats for less than half of a meal, in this case, three pizzas, creates an unfavorable situation for a restaurant operator. Furthermore, the customers' public outcry conveniently neglects to mention that they had also ordered a total of eleven additional drinks and beverages, further bolstering the owner's claim.

Ultimately, the owner underscores the importance of respect, intellectual honesty, and proper manners in any dining establishment. He subtly suggests that, considering the division of costs and convenience, opting for pizza delivery might be a preferable option in such scenarios.


The incident of the exorbitant bill for three pizzas has stirred up controversy, attracting attention and divided opinions. Both the customers and the restaurant owner have taken to social media to share their perspectives, resulting in a clash of narratives. While the customers express their outrage at the hefty price tag, the owner defends himself by providing a detailed breakdown of the bill and highlighting the customers' lack of etiquette and respect. As the debate continues, it serves as a reminder of the importance of courteous behavior and transparent communication in any dining experience.

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