The Hidden Dangers of Buying Fish on Mondays: Uncover the Shocking Truth!

Have you ever wondered why it is said that one should not buy fish on Mondays? This commonly heard advice discourages people from purchasing fish on the first day of the week, urging them instead to opt for red or white meat. While it may seem like an old wives' tale, there is actually a practical reason behind this belief. Fish markets, whether they are standalone establishments or located within supermarkets, offer an array of seafood specialties throughout the year. So why should we avoid buying fish on Mondays? The answer lies in the fishing practices and regulations that govern the industry.

The Prohibition of Certain Fishing Practices on Weekends

If you were to ask your grandmother or an aunt about this tradition, they would likely provide you with an explanation rooted in their long-held knowledge. While some of these explanations may seem fanciful, the truth is that there is one primary reason behind it all. Certain fishing practices are prohibited by law during weekends, leading to a limited availability of fresh seafood on Mondays.

One such fishing practice is trawling, which is often associated with illegal activities. Trawling involves dragging a large net through the water to catch fish. However, this method is not permitted on Saturdays and Sundays. As a result, the quantity of fish caught over the weekend is significantly lower compared to the rest of the week.

The Impact of Limited Catches on Monday Availability

The consequences of these restricted fishing practices on weekends carry over to Mondays. As a result, there is no guarantee that the fish available for purchase on Mondays will be fresh. This is why it is advisable to wait until Tuesday before buying fish, as it allows for some time to assess the quality of the catch over the weekend.

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Interestingly, some fish markets choose to remain closed on Mondays due to this very reason. They understand that the limited availability of fresh fish on that day may not meet the expectations of their customers, leading them to prioritize freshness and customer satisfaction.

The Influence of Storm Surges on Fish Availability

Another factor that affects the availability of fresh fish is the occurrence of storm surges. When a storm surge takes place, it is best to wait until the day after it has passed before attempting to purchase fish. Fishing boats typically do not venture out to sea during challenging weather conditions, making it difficult to find fresh catch immediately after a storm surge.

Even after the storm has subsided, it may still take some time for the fishermen to resume their activities and for fresh fish to be readily available. This delay is due to the time required for the seas to calm down and for the fishermen to assess the safety of returning to their regular fishing routines.


In conclusion, the advice to avoid buying fish on Mondays has a valid basis. The prohibition of certain fishing practices on weekends, along with the impact of storm surges, contribute to the limited availability of fresh fish on the first day of the week. Instead, it is better to wait until Tuesday to ensure that the fish you purchase is fresh and of the highest quality. So next time you find yourself considering buying fish on a Monday, remember the reasons behind this age-old tradition and plan your seafood meals accordingly.

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