Ohio family murders lead to single suspect

The Sydney News.Net
Thursday 18th November, 2010

The bodies of a missing boy and two adult females have been found in Knox County, Ohio.

Tina Hermann, 32, her son Kody Maynard, 11, and family friend Stephanie Sprang, 41, had been missing since November 10th.

Knox County police have confirmed the bodies were found in garbage bags inside a hollow tree in Fredericktown, about 20 miles northwest of their home.

Matthew J. Hoffman, 30, has been arrested on suspicion of involvement in crimes involving the family.

Also reported missing on the 10th was Herrmann's 13 year old daughter, Sarah Maynard.

She was later found alive, bound and gagged in the basement of Matthew Hoffman's home.

Authorities have not said whether the girl had been sexually abused but Hoffman has been charged with kidnapping her.

Police said they found the victims after information was given by Hoffman.


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11-18-10, 11:10 PM

Ohio police find bodies stuffed in tree trunk

This guy is who the death penalty was made for.

11-19-10, 09:41 AM

death penalty

[this crime was sick and wrong.my opinion on this story is that he should get the death penalty.

11-19-10, 01:11 PM

No punishment can be enough....

He should be tortured in the worse way (maybe pluck his finger and toe nails out one at a time). I think it’s certain the only surviving victim, a 13 yr old girl, was sexually assaulted.

11-19-10, 05:58 PM


i think they should put the guy in a room with ome door if he can hake it to door hes a free man or other wise let what happens happen or put me in the room with him for five minuets ime sorry for your tragic loss

bay boy
11-20-10, 08:35 AM

let em burn

Everything he has done represents the devil. Therefore we should light him on fire and let him burn slowly. Hey Emory learn how to type.

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